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The Veterans Food Bank of Calgary

Welcome to the Veterans Food Bank of Calgary. We exist for the sole purpose of helping our forgotten veterans in any way needed. Too long have the heroes and their families that laid everything on the line for us and in some cases, made the ultimate sacrifice, suffered in silence. IT’S TIME WE STAND UP FOR THEM!!

Food services

Potential clients can call 403-277-8387 with any question, arrange assistance.

We strive to restore dignity to all who use our service and assistance is not pre-defined. Clients are able to shop for themselves to ensure they received exactly what they need, and enough to cover 10-14 days of food for their situation.

Hoggin’ Alberta Veterans Ranch

80 acres of land north of Caroline, Alberta  is being developed to provide a space for our clients to go and get back to nature mind body and spirit. From building individual cabins to making roads through the area to facilitate safe movement, the development is designed to allow access for hunting, fishing, and camping free of charge for our clients and supporters. 

How We’re Supported

We are supported by caring individuals and businesses in our community and the surrounding area.  We also appreciate the involvement of many educational institutions who are consistently holding food drives.

Want to host your own food drive? Call to coordinate 403-277-8387 

Monetary donations are collected in the form of single or monthly contributions on our website or at the warehouse.

You can support Calgary Veterans Services Society with food and other donations that are collected at the warehouse, or from our donation boxes, located across the city. Call for closest drop point 403-277-8387

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