We are a group of civilian volunteers who felt there was a need to help our veterans. Steps were taken to start the process towards becoming a charitable organization, which as you can imagine, takes some time. Currently we are a non-for-profit organization. One with NO paid roles, we are 100% run by volunteers. All donations go directly to running the Food-Bank and towards our veterans.

If you are a veteran, our promise to you is :
We will treat you with respect and dignity.
We will endeavor to assist you. In time, we hope to offer more, but for now our focus must be on building the foundations and partnerships that will see us provide sustainable offerings.

Unfortunately some individuals and groups feel they need to share untruths, for what reason we do not know. We are aware of a connection between most of them directly or indirectly but we want to remain focused on those that matter and that is our Veterans. We have decided to take the high road!

We will not be distracted from serving those who sacrificed so much of who they are for us. We are grateful for their service and will endeavor to serve them in the best and upfront way that we can. We promise to the public and to our Veterans that all funds donated to you will be used in our operations to serve you. We will not turn you away, we may not be able to assist you the day you come in. If your needs are for more then food, but we will do our best to satisfy your needs as soon as we are able and within the parameters of our mandate. Whether it is Civilians helping Veterans, or Veterans helping Veterans, both are groups of people giving of themselves in a way and for people who are close to our hearts.

The Veterans Food Bank of Calgary isn’t just a food bank, in the future, we are planning to be a resource center for Canadian and Allied veterans in Calgary and Alberta. Veterans often struggle with reintegrating into society after their duty is complete. We strive to be a safe place where veterans can come together to beat depression, hunger, and many other deficiencies they might face.